What is ANSI/ISEA 107 (road workers) and 207 (emergency responders)

207:  The public safety vest standard was created in response to public safety user groups’ demand for a high visibility safety vest that differentiated from ANSI/ISEA 107-2004. The primary concern was a need for flexibility of design that would provide tactical capability not achievable with ANSI 107 garments. Additionally user groups expressed a desire to have a high visibility garment standard intended for law enforcement, fire and emergency responders that would be distinct from ANSI 107, therefore avoiding interchangeability with construction workers vests.

The required amount of background material (450 square inches) is considerably less than the amount required for the 107standard (775 square inches)

There are three classes of garments under ANSI 107:

Class 1 may be suitable for workers not directly in vehicle traffic paths and where vehicle speeds are less than 25 mph. 
Class 2 covers workers in inclement weather, workers closer to moving traffic than in Class 1, or near traffic above 25 mph but less than 50 mph. 
Class 3 covers high risk work environments and situations where weather, work, or other factors impair visibility or where traffic exceeds 50 mph.